StudentsMeet the Current Students of the Lab

Kareem Ghumrawi

Graduate Student

Kareem is a graduating Computer Science undergrad who will be pursuing his Master’s in Modeling and Simulation, with Dr. Giabbanelli. He will work on three projects, including collaborations with the CDC and the University of Georgia. His focus will be on agent-based modeling. In addition to applications, he will also examine hybrid systems involving Agent-Based Models together with Fuzzy Cognitive Maps. After graduation, he plans to work for a tech giant in Silicon Valley and explore opportunities for entrepreneurship. He joined the lab in Spring 2021.

Josh Huddleston

Summer Research Student

Josh is a senior Computer Science major at Miami University. His summer research project will focus on the usability of a new simulation portal. After graduating, he hopes to work in the health technology field before returning to school for his masters.

Christopher Lutz

Undergraduate Research Student

Christopher is a Computer Science and Computer Engineering major from Fort Wayne, Indiana. His project explores the relationships between the accuracy of machine learning meta-models and the amount of simulation data needed to train them.

Anish Shrestha

Graduate Student

Anish will be joining as a graduate student in Computer Science at Miami University in the Fall of 2021. He will be working in the field of health informatics exploring various aspects of machine learning along with Dr. Giabbanelli. He hopes to grow as a data scientist in this field.

Shane Schroeder

Summer Research Student

Shane is a Junior Computer Science Major from Carlisle, Ohio. His research focuses on trustworthy and efficient simulation models for health. He is currently considering graduate school at Miami University or pursuing a career in the industry as a software engineer.

Bao Wang

Graduate Student

Bao Wang is an international graduate student from China who is majoring in Computer Science at Miami University. As a graduate student who possesses interdisciplinary backgrounds in both education and computer science, Bao’s research interests include machine learning, data analysis, network science, and learning assessment. He is currently conducting his graduate research regarding applications of maps/graphs in learning assessment with Dr. Giabbanelli.

Maciej Wozniak

Graduate Student

Maciej is an international graduate student from Polland. His research combines cutting-edge machine learning techniques such as deep neural networks with simulation models. Some of his work is conducted through international collaborations with the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands. His work has appeared as a full-paper in the 2021 ACM SIGSIM Conference on Principles of Advanced Discrete Simulation (PADS).