Best paper award at SpringSim 2018

“Should we simulate mental models to assess whether they agree?” To answer this question, we examined whether the simulation outcomes of 260 mental models about socio-ecological management could be known by looking at centrality. We received the Best Paper Award for this work at the spring simulation multi-conference (SpringSim 2018), and also the best paper in its annual simulation symposium (ANSS). The first author was former student Eric Lavin, with collaborators Andrew Stefanik, Steven Gray, and Robert Arlinghaus. We thank the team for the hard work that they’ve put into this paper, which takes a radical approach by questioning when we really need to run simulations.

Celebrating Eric Lavin’s thesis defense

Eric Lavin successfully passed his thesis defense. His committee was composed of Drs Hamed Alhoori, Minmei Hou, and Scott Rosen (external member from MITRE). As all students of the lab before him, Eric has published two papers during his masters, in reputable venues such as the Winter Simulation conference.