Shortlisted for Best Paper Award at ACM SIGSIM PADS’19

We’re very pleased to announce that the work authored by Max Norman, Michele Fattoruso, and Dr Giabbanelli was well received at the 2019 ACM SIGSIM conference on Principles of Advanced Discrete Simulations (PADS). Our paper was among the three shortlisted for the best paper award. This is the second time that we present at this conference, and the second time that our work is shortlisted. We look forward to publishing again in this community!

Full-on conference season for summer 2019!

We already had a busy Spring, by doing a tutorial, a panel, and chairing a session at the SpringSim’2019 conference in Tucson, AZ. And a week later, we were in Knoxville TN for a NIMBios workshop. Summer continues on this busy trend! We’re presenting our research at NetSci’19 in Burlington, VT. Dr Giabbanelli has shown the latest results on an ongoing project on predicting fast-food outlet locations at a country-wide scale. Sara Vanovac will be presenting in a few days the results from a joint project with Dr Arlinghaus (Germany) on analyzing terabytes of data. And right after, Max Norman and Dr Giabbanelli be flying to Chicago, IL for the ACM SIGSIM PADS conference, where Dr Giabbanelli is chairing the PhD Colloquium!

We’re hosting Canadian scholars in our brand new lab

We’re delighted to host Mannila Sandhu and Thrishma Reddy, who are coming from Lakehead University in Canada and are funded by the competitive MITACS program. Mannila is working on conceptual maps and big (textual) data, while Thrishma is working on conceptual maps and human-computer interaction. We look forward to welcoming more visiting scholars in the future!

We have co-edited a new book!

Our lab, together with Drs. Mago and Papageorgiou, has edited a new book on Advanced Data Analytics in Health with Springer. The book includes a chapter by former graduate student Magda Baniukiewicz, and it has benefited from copy editing by many students such as Nicholas Rosso and Eric Lavin. We’re very pleased to offer a comprehensive volume that touches on the many areas defining data analytics, from machine learning to simulation and visualization.

The lab has moved to Furman University!

After three years, the DACHB lab has moved from Northern Illinois University to Furman University. We’re welcoming our first three students: Dakota Howard (undergraduate at Furman), Thrishma Reddy and Mannila Sandhu (visiting graduate students supported by MITACS in Canada). We’re excited to set up a new lab and continue to mentor students in research! If you’re interested in joining us, there are many opportunities for undergraduate students. At this time, we’re not accepting more visiting graduate students or postdoctoral fellows.