Season’s Greetings from the lab!

To celebrate the end of a (very busy) Fall semester, we got together for some food… and gifts! It is our tradition that each student in the lab receives a gift from Dr. Giabbanelli at the end of the year. Since everyone was very nice this year, nobody got coal!

Magda Baniukiewicz has received her thesis!


Magda Baniukiewicz joined the DACHB Lab in January 2016. Two years later, her hard work has turned into a beautiful thesis! Magda has presented her work at multiple conferences and workshops. She already has several publications as conference articles or book chapters, and a few more articles under review. As every masters student graduating from the lab, Magda received her bound thesis from Dr. Giabbanelli.

The lab presents four posters at the NetSci Conference

The lab had a strong presence at the 2017 International School and Conference on Network Science. Dr. Giabbanelli and three students (Magda Baniukiewicz, Eric Lavin, Nick Rosso) attended sessions and presented four posters showing their research progress in areas such as simulating networks, on designing new network models.

The lab received a competitive Research and Artistry award


In 2015, the team led by Dr. Giabbaneli and Dr. Mago published a computational model of HIV dynamics within a host, which was shortlisted for the best paper award. We are now taking this work further, using high-performance computing to perform large-scale simulations, and also tracking mutations.

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Venkata Sai (Sriram) Pillutla defended his thesis

Sriram has passed his thesis, with no revisions requested. He has already published 2 articles, with 2 more under reviews. Following his graduation, he joined Argonne National Laboratory as a research aide. In Dr. Giabbanelli’s words, “I am confident that Sriram will do very well as a young researcher in the future. With these publications, he’s already building a track record, and by joining the right Ph.D. program he’ll be well equipped to succeed.