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Alexander Freund

Graduate Student

Alex is a graduate student studying Computer Science at Miami University. He has been conducting research on Network Science with Dr. Giabbanelli since the Fall of 2019. Currently, Alex is seeking to use Machine Learning models to predict node centrality in very large networks. After graduating, he hopes to work in applied Machine Learning at a technology startup.

Michael Galgoczy

Undergraduate Student

Michael is a senior Mathematics and Computer Science major from Cleveland, Ohio. His project revolves around using NLP techniques to analyze Tweets for political sentiment. After graduation, Michael plans on pursuing a masters degree in computer science at Miami University.

Junjiang Li

Undergraduate Student

Junjiang joined the lab as a junior pursuing degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics at Miami University. His research project concerns predicting disease progress based on image features extracted from prominent HIV dynamics models.

Minh Duc (Aaron) Nguyen

Undergraduate Student

Minh Duc is an International student from Vietnam majoring in Computer Science. He has have always been fond of technology and what it can bring to our community. As a big fan of robots, he wishes to learn more about Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and start his career in robotics.

Ethan Grantham

Undergraduate research assistant Summer 2019

Ethan is a Junior Computer Science and Psychology Major from Charleston, South Carolina. His research project consists of recreating existing simulation models (specifically agent-based) of health behaviors and challenging the validity of the ways in which they simplify reality through assumptions. He is currently considering his options beyond undergrad at Furman University, including graduate school and a possible career in software development.

James Keith

Undergraduate research assistant Summer 2019

James is a Computer Science Major from Annapolis, Maryland. With his partner, Boone Tison, he is researching the quality assessment of agent-based model reports in the public health field. He hopes to be working in the Computer Science field after his four years at Furman University.

Jared Kohrt

Undergraduate research assistant Summer 2019

Jared is a biology and computer science major from Greensboro, North Carolina. His research project is to create a computational model of HIV that considers medication adherence and viral mutations. He hopes to continue his education after his time at Furman University and eventually work in the biomedical field.

Max Norman

Undergraduate research assistant 2018-2019

Max is a senior computer science major at Furman University from Seneca, South Carolina. His research involves analyzing the effects of success and failure cases within case-based reasoning and how these cases affect the structure of mental models as causal maps. Currently he is looking for a career in industry as a software engineer before going to graduate school.

Caleb Roberson

Undergraduate research assistant Summer 2019

Caleb is a junior Applied Mathematics and Computer Science double major at Furman University. His project revolves around machine learning for public health. He will work with many datasets in public health, analyzing them using decision trees, support vector machines, and neural networks. After graduation Caleb plans on pursuing a masters degree in either data science or cyber security.

Boone Tison

Undergraduate research assistant Summer 2019

Boone Tison is from Dallas, Texas and is a member of the graduating class of 2022. Boone intends to declare as a computer science major. Boone's project, working with James Keith, is to analyze and evaluate the quality assessment sections from obesity computer models. Boone will create a matrix of the data he collects and write a paper summarizing the strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations concerning improving quality assessment. Boone does not know what he wants to do after graduating, but is considering working in the computer modeling field.

Sara Vanovac

Undergraduate research assistant 2018-2019

Sara started doing big data research in Fall 2018, on a collaboration with Dr Arlinghaus from Germany. She has developed scripts to analyze terabytes of data, and was selected for an oral presentation at NetSci'19, the annual flagship conference on complex networks. She obtained her B.S. in physics, computer science, and applied mathematics in Spring 2019. After her graduation, she worked for Furman University to analyze institutional data.

Zachariah Dick

Student Intern

Zach is currently an undergraduate at Northern Illinois University, pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics. He joined the lab in the Spring semester of 2018 through an independent study. His goals through this independent study are to learn research techniques, gain research experience, and identify his own research interests.

Michele Fattoruso

Graduate Research Assistant

Michele Fattoruso received his Bachelor of science in computer science in 2015 with a research thesis on cloud computing from the University of Napoli Federico II, Italy. He then joined Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) in Batavia, IL, where he worked for two years in the Scientific Computing Division. He joined the lab with Dr. Giabbanelli for a summer research position and continued to collaborate, resulting in a publication shortlisted for the best paper award at ACM SIGSIM PADS 2019.

Published work: Cofluences: Simulating the spread of social influences via a hybrid agent-based/fuzzy cognitive maps architecture

Cole Freeman

Graduate Research Assistant

Cole is a graduate student of Computer Science at Northern Illinois University. His background is in musical composition & historiography. His current research interests include mapping real-world systems in logical space, data visualization, and computational aesthetics. Cole worked with the DACHB lab from mid-2018 to 2019.

Published work: Mechanisms for Cell-to-cell and Cell-free Spread of HIV-1 in Cellular Automata Models


Eric Lavin

MS Spring 2018

Eric Lavin started as an undergraduate student at Northern Illinois University. He did his honors thesis with Dr Giabbanelli, and decided to keep working in the lab as a graduate student. His first publication was in the Winter Simulation conference, and his second publication in the Spring Simulation multi-conference. His SpringSim paper won the awards for best paper in the conference track, and for best paper overall. Eric is particularly experienced working in data science (including simulations and machine learning) using Python and statistics.

Masters Thesis: Assessing and supporting the use of fuzzy cognitive maps to simulate complex phenomena


Joshua DeVita

Undergraduate Research Assistant 2018

Joshua DeVita joined the lab as a senior undergraduate at Northern Illinois University, perusing his degree in Computer Science with an emphasis on computation. Experienced working with C/C++, Java, and Python, he programmed a simulation engine for HIV. His engine is able to handle several order of magnitudes more cells than previous engines, which opens exciting avenues for simulations of the entire human body.

Vishrant Gupta

Graduate Research Assistant 2017-2018

Vishrant Gupta was a graduate research assistant. He started as volunteer in the DACHB lab in Summer 2017, and continued until the end of Spring 2018. His work combined client/server programming with databases (both SQL and NoSQL technologies such as Neo4J) and graph algorithms (particularly graph comparison). He was the lead programmer for ITACM v2 and v3. After his experience programming in the lab, he received an offer from the software industry in the greater Chicago area as developer.

Published work: An online environment to compare students' and expert solutions to ill-structured problems

Nick Rosso

Undergraduate Research Assistant 2017-2018

Nick Rosso joined the lab as a Junior undergraduate at Northern Illinois University working towards a B.S. in Computer Science and a Minor in Journalism. As an avid cyclist, data-fiend, and amateur photographer Nick is interested in computers and loves being able to connect his favorite past times to his interests. Nick was first supported in summer 2017 by the Summer Research Program (SROP), and then he stayed in the lab for two more semesters. Starting as a novice in the Data mining/Machine learning world, Nick significantly expanded his knowledge and his work on mining food data has appeared in the highly-selective JMIR journal series.

Published work: Applying data mining to the UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey


Magda Baniukiewicz

MS Fall 2017

Magda Baniukiewicz joined the DACHB Lab in 2015, after completing her undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland. Her thesis combined simulations, visualizations, and network analysis. A prolific young researcher, by the time she graduated in 2017, she had published two articles, had two more under review, and received two awards. Her thesis was passed with no revision. Shortly after, she became a Junior Data Analyst at Qiagen Business Services in her home city, in Poland.

Masters Thesis: Analyzing, Simulating, and Visualizing Complex Social Systems


Venkata Sai Sriram Pillutla

MS Spring 2017

Venkata Sai Sriram Pillutla was a masters student and a research member of the DACHB lab in the department of Computer Science, at Northern Illinois University. His thesis, supervised by Dr. Giabbanelli, focused on text analytics, in combination with visualization and simulation techniques. Before joining Dr. Giabbanelli's lab, Sriram graduated from Acharya Nagarjuna University in India, and worked as software engineer. After his thesis was passed with no revisions, Sriram joined Argonne National Laboratory as research intern. He remains keenly interested in Big Data and text analytics.

Masters Thesis: Helping users learn about social processes while learning from users: developing a positive feedback in social computing.


Jacqueline Salim

Research Rookie 2016-2017

Jacqueline was funded by the Research Rookies program at Northern Illinois University to get a research experience, and she chose to join the DACHB lab. She discovered research by helping others on multiple projects. With Magda Baniukiewicz, she ran a study on novel visualizations to make sense of large simulation datasets. She also worked with Eric Lavin to analyze the literature on computational models for obesity. Jacqueline was 'the voice' of the lab by producing some of the videos explaining our work. While in the lab, she was also in the Honors Program, and a Presidential Scholar.

Andrew Fisher

MITACS Graduate Student

Andrew is supported by MITACS Canada for a collaboration between his host supervisor (Dr Vijay Mago at Lakehead University) and Dr Giabbanelli. He joined the lab in Fall 2019 to work at the intersection of machine learning and discrete simulations.

Romain Foy

Graduate Research Intern

Romain is a student from the French engineering school IMT Mines Ales. He is studying in the first year of a master degree, with a specialisation in Industrial Performances and Mechatronic Systems. He is now doing an internship from May to August.

Hendra Sandhi Firmansyah

PhD Student

Hendra visited Dr Giabbanelli to perform his doctoral research, thanks to support from the republic of Indonesia (PKPI programme). The focus of his doctoral thesis is on smart cities. He learned the use of conceptual modeling and Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCMs) with Dr Giabbanelli, resulting in a 2019 article in IEEE Access.

Published work: Identifying the Components and Interrelationships of Smart Cities in Indonesia: Supporting Policymaking via Fuzzy Cognitive Systems

Thrishma Reddy

MITACS Graduate Student

Thrishma was supported by MITACS Canada for a collaboration between her host supervisor (Dr Vijay Mago at Lakehead University) and Dr Giabbanelli. She came to the lab in Fall 2018. Her experience resulted in a paper at the 2019 HCI conference, on the use of voice assistant (Amazon Alexa) to guide participants in creating causal maps. She successfully defended her masters thesis in Spring 2019.

Published work: The artificial facilitator: guiding participants in developing causal maps using voice-activated technologies

Mannila Sandhu

MITACS Graduate Student

Mannila was supported by MITACS Canada to visit the lab in Fall 2018, in the context of a collaboration between Drs Vijay Mago (Lakehead University) and Giabbanelli. Her stay was very productive, as she authored two articles. One was published in the 2019 HCI conference, showing how to validate conceptual models by mining large volumes of Twitter data, and the other was submitted to a journal, with a focus on Twitter for politics (in collaboration with Dr Danielle Vinson). Mannila successfully defended her thesis in Spring 2018, and was co-advised by Drs Mago and Giabbanelli.

Published work: From social media to expert reports: the impact of source selection on automatically validating complex conceptual models of obesity


Tanner Verigin

MS Summer 2015

Tanner Verigin graduated in 2015, with both a Master in System Dynamics and a Master in Business Administration. He was co-supervised by Dr Philippe J. Giabbanelli (right; then at the University of Cambridge) and Dr Pal I. Davidsen (at the University of Bergen, Norway). Tanner's thesis, consisted of developing a new system dynamics model for the population of British Columbia (Canada). His thesis looked beyond generally accepted drivers of weight such as diet and exercise. It provided a comprehensive simulation model, showing how feedbacks between individual and environmental factor can impede one's ability to maintain a healthy weight. Results from his thesis were published as Supporting a systems approach to healthy weight interventions in British Columbia by modeling weight and well-being, at the 49th Annual Simulation Symposium in 2016. Following his degree, Tanner became team lead at Danske Bank, the largest bank in Denmark and a Fortune Global 500 company.

Masters Thesis: Beyond diet and exercise: A system dynamics approach to understanding the relationships between weight and well-being.