StudentsMeet the Current Students of the Lab

Andrew Fisher

MITACS Graduate Student

Andrew is supported by MITACS Canada for a collaboration between his host supervisor (Dr Vijay Mago at Lakehead University) and Dr Giabbanelli. He joined the lab in Fall 2019 to work at the intersection of machine learning and discrete simulations.

Romain Foy

Graduate Research Intern

Romain is a student from the French engineering school IMT Mines Ales. He is studying in the first year of a master degree, with a specialisation in Industrial Performances and Mechatronic Systems. He is now doing an internship from May to August.

Alexander Freund

Graduate Student

Alex is a graduate student studying Computer Science at Miami University. He has been conducting research on Network Science with Dr. Giabbanelli since the Fall of 2019. Currently, Alex is seeking to use Machine Learning models to predict node centrality in very large networks. After graduating, he hopes to work in applied Machine Learning at a technology startup.

Michael Galgoczy

Undergraduate Student

Michael is a senior Mathematics and Computer Science major from Cleveland, Ohio. His project revolves around using NLP techniques to analyze Tweets for political sentiment. After graduation, Michael plans on pursuing a masters degree in computer science at Miami University.

Junjiang Li

Undergraduate Student

Junjiang joined the lab as a junior pursuing degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics at Miami University. His research project concerns predicting disease progress based on image features extracted from prominent HIV dynamics models.

Minh Duc (Aaron) Nguyen

Undergraduate Student

Minh Duc is an International student from Vietnam majoring in Computer Science. He has have always been fond of technology and what it can bring to our community. As a big fan of robots, he wishes to learn more about Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and start his career in robotics.