StudentsMeet the Current Students of the Lab

Dakota Howard

Undergraduate student

Dakota is an undergraduate in Biology and Computer Science. He is a member of the Furman Robotics team and he has done research in noise propagation in soundscapes at Furman University, as well as at the Center for Biotechnology at Bielefeld University (where he worked on variant validation of Arabidopsis thaliana and identification of co-occurring single nucleotide polymorphism within codons). His goal is to go to graduate school for bioinformatics with a focus on genomics.

Thrishma Reddy

Visiting graduate student

Thrishma Reddy is currently pursuing her Master’s in Computer Science at Lakehead University, Canada. While working on her research under Dr. Vijay Mago at Lakehead University she was funded by MITACS to continue her research work in USA and chose to work under Dr. Giabbanelli. Her research focuses on model building through the help of Amazon Alexa. She has done her Bachelor’s in Information Science in India and has worked as a software developer for around 2 years. Her interests are web technologies.


Mannila Sandhu

Visiting graduate student

Mannila is a graduate student of computer science and a member of Senate research committee at Lakehead University. She is pursuing her masters thesis under the supervision of Dr. Vijay Mago. She recently achieved MITACS Research award and chose to join Furman University for her funded research with host supervisor Dr. Philippe Giabbanelli. She will be joining the DACHB lab for fall 2018. Her research is based on developing generic causal maps with a citizen science approach by using very large amount of social media (twitter) data to automatically confirm and extend these maps.