StudentsMeet the Current Students of the Lab


Vishrant Gupta

Graduate Research Assistant

Vishrant Gupta is a graduate student in the department of Computer Science at the Northern Illinois University, he started his research in the DACHB lab from Summer 2017. He has worked as fullstack developer and have experience in Java/J2EE/C/C++/NodeJS and in bigdata technologies like Hadoop, Spark, Kafka. He loves to explore about the latest technologies. His goal is to become a data scientist, and provide the best possible business solutions.


Eric Lavin

Graduate Research Assistant

Eric Lavin was an undergraduate student at Northern Illinois University, who did his honors thesis with Dr Giabbanelli and decided to keep working in the lab as he became a graduate student. He is experienced working in C/C++ as well as Python, particularly as it applies to data science projects. His goal is to gain more experience in research and working with large data sets to inspect problems in modern society.


Nick Rosso

Summer Research Undergraduate

Nick Rosso is a Junior undergraduate at Northern Illinois University working towards a B.S. in Computer Science and a Minor in Journalism. Unsure of what to pursue after High-school Nick focused on a degree that would further his knowledge of his hobbies. As an avid cyclist, data-fiend, and amateur photographer Nick is interested in computers and loves being able to connect his favorite past times to his interests. Nick will be a member of the Summer Research Program (SROP) and will be in the lab during the summer months, as well as presenting at the Research Symposium in August. Nick a novice in the Data mining/Machine learning world hopes to expand his knowledge, and be able to gain new perspectives by using meaningful data.


Mrinal Roy

Graduate Research Assistant

Mrinal is a current graduate student at NIU, pursuing a Masters in Computer Science. He has his bachelor in Computer Science from National University, Bangladesh. In the past, he worked as a freelance web developer and contributed to several open-source projects. Besides being a Research Assistant, he developed and maintains DACHB lab’s website