Dr. Giabbanelli joined Northern Illinois University from the University of Cambridge (UK) where he worked as Research Scientist. He obtained one of the most prestigious British fellowships, the Sir Henry Wellcome fellowship, but declined it in order to start his own research laboratory in computer science. The lab focuses on developing and applying data science techniques to problems arising in health. Dr. Giabbanelli has received numerous awards for his work, including being an AcademyHealth Systems Science fellow (2016), the Peter Borwein Annual Graduate Scholarship in Computational Modelling (2011) or the President’s Ph.D. Scholarship (2013). During his doctorate at Simon Fraser University, he used simulation models and data mining to study health behaviors. These have remained some of the key skills in his lab today, as he mentors students doing agent-based modeling, system dynamics, or data mining (and particularly classification problems). His vision is to position his research group as a key player at the intersection of health and computer science, with a focus on developing technically advanced processes that can then be used by decision-makers and individuals. As an example of this vision, the group has created very comprehensive models for obesity and HIV and has conducted usability studies on software based on this research with policymakers. In addition to leading the DACHB Lab, Dr Giabbanelli is involved in the research community as associate editor for two journals (BMC Medical Informatics & Decision Making, Social Network Analysis & Mining) and a program committee member on several international venues (e.g., Conference on Complex Networks, ACM SIGSIM Conference on Principles of Advanced Discrete Simulation). Outside of the lab, he’s a foodie and an outdoor enthusiast.