The lab received a competitive Research and Artistry award


In 2015, the team led by Dr. Giabbaneli and Dr. Mago published a computational model of HIV dynamics within a host, which was shortlisted for the best paper award. We are now taking this work further, using high-performance computing to perform large-scale simulations, and also tracking mutations.

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Venkata Sai (Sriram) Pillutla defended his thesis

Sriram has passed his thesis, with no revisions requested. He has already published 2 articles, with 2 more under reviews. Following his graduation, he joined Argonne National Laboratory as a research aide. In Dr. Giabbanelli’s words, “I am confident that Sriram will do very well as a young researcher in the future. With these publications, he’s already building a track record, and by joining the right Ph.D. program he’ll be well equipped to succeed.

We are preparing a new book

Our new book on Advanced Data Analytics in Health is due for 2017 with Springer. We are excited to provide the research community with a comprehensive on techniques and applications, ranging from the use of Natural Language Processing to Network Analysis.

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Our research was featured by the university

Thanks to funding support from the Global Obesity Prevention Center at the Jhons Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. We are conducting the largest network analysis of food landscape to date, and developing an agent-based model to help planners in tackling the childhood obesity in England.

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